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In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Since its inception, Oikos always had a clear goal in mind: bring the best DeFi services to the Tron network. We have been working around the clock, coordinating efforts between our initiatives to make this happen. Today, we are pleased to share some initial results with you.

Bridge the gap with existing blockchains

The Tron network is evolving fast, with growing demand and a number of services launched on the platform. One of the most important components of a successful software venture, of any kind, is to have a dedicated and motivated community of users and developers working together. In order to keep up with the competition, Tron desperately needs mature development toolkits and better documentation, amongst the other things. Sensing this gap, the Oikos team worked with dedication toward filling it. During the past months, we have ported Ethereum’s most important pieces of software, such as Web3, Truffle, and Graph protocol to work seamlessly with the Tron network. …



Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to the Tron network.

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