April 30 is an important day for Oikos because it marks one year from our original deployment and the launch of our infrastructure. As the project gradually reaches maturity, it is time for tough decisions. The past year was an amazing learning opportunity for Oikos and we have seen explosive growth in users and trading volume. The Tron blockchain has allowed us to experiment with building DeFi infrastructure outside Ethereum and it has provided us with a decent test-bed, despite the obstructionism from management, and technical difficulties we experienced at some point. Unfortunately, recent changes to the fee model used…

Today, taking advantage of better system stability, we are re-launching our main inverse synths, namely iETH, iBTC and iTRX. Inverse synths are useful to hedge additional risk derivated from trading and staking on Oikos.

Inverse synths are available for trading on at the following rates (in the order of entry price, upper limit and lower limit):

  • iBTC: $32,740 — $52,000 — $12,700
  • iETH: $1,619 — $2393 — $845
  • iTRX: $0.0358 — $0.0524 — $0.0193

How Inverse Synths work:

The price of an inverse synth is the inverse of the asset value with relation to its entry price. The formula is defined below:


Here at the Oikos team, we strive to maintain a healthy economy and work non-stop to achieve this goal. In recent times, while monitoring the system, we noticed anomalies and malicious patterns of usage in our platform. Upon digging further, we found out that several players were exploiting the system for profit.

Front-running & debt increase Front-running in Oikos consisted of timing the rates update mechanism used by our system while buying specific assets during a sharp price increase. Attackers simply kept alert for such circumstances and purchased the asset for cheap, just to sell it once the rates…

Year recap

The Oikos team is constantly working to improve and maintain the stability of our platform. This entails carrying on tasks that range from development to financial analysis, to writing informative content and managing social network communities. It isn’t an easy accomplishment for a small group of people, nevertheless, we are trying our best to deliver our users the best experience. In hindsight, the past year has been great for Oikos, which went from conception to being a real-world financial system, used by thousands of users. Cryptocurrency markets, in general, have been positive, with major coins marking new records and we…

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Since its inception, Oikos always had a clear goal in mind: bring the best DeFi services to the Tron network. We have been working around the clock, coordinating efforts between our initiatives to make this happen. Today, we are pleased to share some initial results with you.

Bridge the gap with existing blockchains

The Tron network is evolving fast, with growing demand and a number of services launched on the platform. One of the most important components of a successful software venture, of any kind…

We’re very excited to announce OpenTron, the first fully independent implementation of the Tron protocol! It has been under active development for several months and while still a work in progress, it is now nearing completion.

The project is currently financed and developed by Oikos but it is open source and we are in the process of setting up an independent foundation, the OpenTron foundation, which will be completely community-driven. Please contact us by email or on Telegram if you would like to be involved with the foundation.

The goals of the project are to provide a fast and lightweight…

Update on progress & token sale summary

The Oikos token sale involved three main phases: private sale, public sale, and IEO. The first phase was conducted privately, a few weeks before the public sale, and saw a small number of individuals who purchased 835,521.35 OKS worth $18,500. The public sale ran from May 20 to May 31 and netted $148,139.65 from the sale of 5,925,586.08 OKS. The IEO on the exchange netted over $366,000 with 14,766,320 OKS distributed. About 21,522,526.27 OKS were sold on the recently launched OTC platform, raising a total of $350,000. An additional 3,106,242.25 OKS were distributed to airdrop participants, partners, and advisors.

How it works

Every week, OKS stakers are entitled to a portion of the weekly OKS staking rewards. Rewards are assigned based on the percentage of total Synth supply minted by each wallet. E.g. if Alice minted 100 sSUD, and there is a total of 100,000 USD minted, then she receives 1% of the total rewards.

During the first 52 weeks, around 1.44m OKS will be added to the supply weekly. The snapshot for the first week (Jun1-Jun7) was taken on Monday. Jun 1 at 12:00 UTC (Midnight). …


An on-ramp venue to access and exit is critical to the success of the platform. Users must be able to convert TRX and other cryptocurrencies to Synths (sUSD primarily) to start their trading activities. Oikos Swap fulfills this role and provides such a service, allowing anyone to swap between TRX and TRC-20 pairs, including our synths (sUSD, sTRX, sBTC, sETH, etc.).

Price stability

Oikos swap requires balanced liquidity between both sides of the swap pools, in order to maintain a stable price. Low liquidity results in slippage between the quoted price and the actual price paid for the swap, even for…

We are excited to announce the official dates for our first round of IEO on the popular exchange The sale will last from Jun 12 at 10:00 (UTC+8) to Jun 14 at 0:00 (UTC+8) and will see three sessions.

First session:

10M OKS at $0.027

Mode: First come, first served. Pledge at least $1000 to qualify for third session.

Accepted : Tether (USDT)

Minimum contribution: $100

Maximum contribution: $10,000

Time: 10:00 on June 12, 2020 to 00:00 on June 12, 2020 (UTC+8)

Second session:

5M OKS at $0.03

Mode: First come, first served. Pledge at least $800 to qualify for third session.



Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to the Tron network.

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