Councils nominations & elections

2 min readMay 25, 2022

Following up with our last write-up on the transition to a decentralized governance model, in this post we will detail the process for current and future nomination/elections for the councils.


Here is the list of requirements candidates must possess to be eligible for nomination to the Oikos DAO councils:

Achaean Council

  • Having contributed to at least one OIP.
  • Being an active member of the community.
  • Having a debt share of at least 0.001 ODS

Treasury Council

  • Having a debt share of at least 0.001 ODS
  • LP provisioning for BNB/oUSD or Derive USD
  • Being an active member of the community.

The nomination process involves submitting a form at and signaling the community on our Discord channel.

** Required Format **

Title: “Achaean Council Nomination: {candidate name} — {summary line}”.

Who — Brief introduction including Discord and Telegram usernames.

What — Contribution to Community (Past & Future).

How — Relevant Skills and background

How it works

The nomination period lasts for two weeks. Once the period has ended, submissions are collected, and the votation process will initiate. Subsequently, a proposal will be created on our official Snapshot space, for the community to cast their votes. After election, candidates will occupy the seat for one epoch, lasting three months.


Two weeks before the end of each epoch, the Achaean Council will host the re-election process, and nominations are opened to the community. By the end of the nomination period, the Achaean Council will use the nominations submitted to form the voting choices.

Regular Community Governance Calls

It is an event hosted by the community with weekly frequency, meant to provide an overview of the DAO’s work and a transparent environment for community members to express their opinions.

Achaean Council Call

An event held on a bi-weekly basis by members of the Achaean Council to discuss matters related to the protocol, OIP, OCCP, and other issues. In case of emergency, the event will be held without prior communication.

Treasury Council Call

An event held on a bi-weekly basis by members of the Treasury Council to discuss financial aspects of the protocol management, such as rewards distribution, changes to liquidity mining programs, etc.


Members of the councils will receive a monthly salary, disbursed in OKS.

  • Achaean Council — 35,000 OKS
  • Treasury Council — 15,000 OKS

Tokens will be held in escrow for one year as usual.

Multisig creation ceremony

The multisig creation ceremony will be held on Jun 1st at 5:00 PM (Atlantic Standard Time). You are welcome to participate on Discord.


We will continue to offer updates on all matters related to the Oikos DAO and our progress. We are excited about the future and what we can achieve together.




Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to BNB Chain.