Oikos Future


Decentralized governance

  • Community migration to Discord
  • Nominations and election of OKS council


Algorithmic trading

New website

Preview of new webpage design


  • Community migration from Telegram to Discord
  • Launch of decentralized governance
  • Integration of “Learn and earn” platforms (rabbithole.gg)
  • Integration of DAO tools in the governance process
  • Marketing campaign focused on multi-chain strategy
  • Integration of Chainlink keepers for protocol automation
  • Migration to multi-chain contracts (Debt shares)
  • Integration of Chainlink feeds for debt shares and synth supply synchronization
  • Launch of Polygon L2 (MATIC)
  • Expand to more VM compatible chains (xDAI, zkSync, Arbitrum, etc.)
  • Establish a full multi-chain presence
  • Networking and partnerships to increase synths integration with the ecosystem.



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Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to BNB Chain.