Oikos lands on 1inch Network

2 min readOct 2, 2021
Oikos + 1inch exchange

1inch Network

We are thrilled to announce that Oikos Network Token (OKS) is currently trading on 1inch Network. 1inch is a DEX aggregator offering the most efficient swapping routes across top DeFi liquidity pools.

Big thanks to the 1inch team for their cooperation and support in the whitelisting process ❤

Trade now on 1inch Network:


1inch LP Incentives

In order to attract liquidity and increase the depth of the market, the team will allocate 50,000 OKS to the upcoming incentive program on 1inch Network. Details to be announced soon.

LP Rewards Re-distribution

In order to support new initiatives and to further widen growth, an overhaul of the LP rewards is necessary. Below, we will explain how the new distribution is structured.

Derive Finance (Stablecoin pool)

The incentive program to promote oUSD liquidity on the recently launched Derive Finance stablecoin pool currently sees 240,000 OKS allocated weekly. This amount will be reduced to 100,000 OKS starting next week and the remainder will be assigned to new LP pools, which will be announced in detail in a future writeup.

PancakeSwap (OKS/DRV)

A new LP incentive program for the OKS/DRV pair will be announced soon, which will see 50,000 OKS allocated weekly. For those affected by previous migrations, the team will also release instructions to claim rewards from old contracts in the upcoming weeks.




Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to BNB Chain.