OKS Staking Rewards

How it works

Every week, OKS stakers are entitled to a portion of the weekly OKS staking rewards. Rewards are assigned based on the percentage of total Synth supply minted by each wallet. E.g. if Alice minted 100 sSUD, and there is a total of 100,000 USD minted, then she receives 1% of the total rewards.

During the first 52 weeks, around 1.44m OKS will be added to the supply weekly. The snapshot for the first week (Jun1-Jun7) was taken on Monday. Jun 1 at 12:00 UTC (Midnight). The snapshot for each subsequent week is taken at the same time (Monday at midnight UTC).

OKS rewards can be claimed for up to two weeks in arrears (this period may be changed in the future). Unclaimed rewards are added back into the pool to be distributed in the next period.

How to claim

Claiming your OKS staking rewards can be done through Minter, the dApp for OKS holders. It can be accessed through TronLink (also compatible with Ledger hardware wallet). Once you’ve connected your wallet, you can withdraw your rewards on the “Claim” tab. Rewards are escrowed for 12 months, but they can be staked right away. Once claimed you can view them in the ‘Rewards Vesting’ tab.

Collateralization Ratio penalties

If your collateralization ratio is below 750%, you will not be able to claim your rewards (there is a small buffer of 10% to allow for minor price fluctuations). Penalties are counted toward your C-Ratio at the time you claim your rewards. This means that if you’re claiming your rewards for the past 2 weeks at once, you can adjust your C-Ratio before you claim, and will not be penalized.

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