Update: Airdrop, Token Sale & Token Escrow conditions

2 min readMay 13, 2020

Oikos team is sending out a big thank you for the overwhelming support and participation in the Airdrop. We have seen over 50,000 applications in 48 hours and there is no sign of slowing down. There are six days left to participate and bets are open on what the final numbers will be like. In case you did not join yet, do it now and get your free OKS tokens.

Private Sale

Due to the high number of interested parties, the number of tokens available for a discount (up to 30%) is running out quickly. During this preliminary phase, dozens of private investors have expressed interest in the sale. We are currently collecting funds and inviting anyone who wants to invest early to apply before we close the round. The number of tokens available for the public sale taking place on May 20-May 31 (12:00 AM EST) will depend on how much is raised during the private sale.

Private sale ends May 16 (8:00 PM EST)

Token Escrow

Apart from strategic allocations, tokens bought at a discounted rate will be subject to an escrow period with quarterly vesting. The length of this period is as follows:

  • 24 months: 30% discount
  • 18 months: 20% discount
  • 12 months: 15% discount
  • 6 months: 10% discount
  • 3 months: 5% discount

To simplify the process, investors will be able to select the desired discount when completing the transaction and it will be automatically reflected on their purchasing price. Quarterly vesting means that your tokens will be progressively released every 3 months. All tokens (including tokens that are vesting and haven’t been unlocked yet) can be used for staking and earning staking rewards.


The number of scam attempts during token sale events is always very high. Don’t click suspicious links and never send cryptocurrency to random people on the Internet. The only way to participate in the token sale, and to purchase OKS tokens, is through the official Oikos website.




Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to BNB Chain.