Update Jan 2021: Swap Analytics & Arb contract

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Year recap

LP Mining & Arbitraging incentives

Today we are excited to launch an arbitraging contract as a further incentive mechanism to stabilize the Synth to real-world asset value of sTRX on Oikos Swap. If the sTRX/TRX rate on Oikos Swap falls below 99/100, people can send use the arbitraging contract to convert TRX to OKS at a discounted rate. Here is how it works:

  1. Allows a user to send TRX to the contract if:
    a) the sTRX/TRX ratio is below 99/100, &
    b) there is enough OKS in the contract at the current exchange rate
  2. Converts the TRX to sTRX via Oikos Swap until it reaches the 99/100 ratio or until the TRX is exhausted
  3. Converts the sTRX to OKS at the current exchange rate
  4. Sends the OKS to the wallet that sent the TRX

Users can interact with the contract by using the user interface on Oikos Minter.

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Arbitraging contract UI on minter

At least 10% of the weekly OKS rewards will be added to the contract. In the first year of this monetary policy, this equates to 140,000 OKS weekly.
We will add extra rewards to the contract as needed.

Swap Analytics

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Swap Analytics UI

Besides being actively developing the platform and adding new features, we are also in talks with several exchanges to increase the market reach of OKS and our main synths. Exciting news is coming soon so stay tuned!

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