Update on progress & token sale report

Update on progress & token sale summary

The Oikos token sale involved three main phases: private sale, public sale, and IEO. The first phase was conducted privately, a few weeks before the public sale, and saw a small number of individuals who purchased 835,521.35 OKS worth $18,500. The public sale ran from May 20 to May 31 and netted $148,139.65 from the sale of 5,925,586.08 OKS. The IEO on the exchange Hoo.com netted over $366,000 with 14,766,320 OKS distributed. About 21,522,526.27 OKS were sold on the recently launched OTC platform, raising a total of $350,000. An additional 3,106,242.25 OKS were distributed to airdrop participants, partners, and advisors.

In total 39,395,088.52 OKS were distributed across all phases with over $880,000 of funds raised. Since its inception, Oikos has seen strong support from the community and has been welcomed as a positive development. Following the token sale distribution, the platform experienced vertical growth with metric spiking from a few dozens to several hundred daily users and a whopping $2,000,000 worth of OKS locked as collateral in the system. Some additional statistics:

Total liquidity: 226,300.62 sUSD

Total issued: 351,726,23 sUSD

Total burned: 125,425.60 sUSD

Total exchanged: 197,953,19 sUSD

Total individual issuers: 362

Total Debt ledger entries: 3691

We are very proud of the success attained and determined to continue working hard to grow the crypto-currency and DeFi space.

After a successful IEO and trading pair launch on Hoo.com, Oikos was listed by several exchanges, such as Mxc.com, Hbtc.com and Biki.cc. Oikos was also recently added to the cryptocurrency price aggregator Coingecko.com and the popular portfolio tracking application BlockFolio. We are very proud of the success attained and determined to continue working hard and contribute meaningfully to the crypto-currency industry.

In the coming days, we will be holding promotion events and trading competitions to educate users about getting the best out of the Oikos platform. For what concerns security, the results of a full source code audit by SlowMist will be published online as soon as they are made available.

Special thanks to Hoo.com and the other exchanges for their hard work and continued support, as well to our advisors and community.

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Oikos is an initiative to bring key DeFi applications to the BSC network.

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